What is WINE?

Just over 19 million acres of the world's surface is planted with grape vines. The grape vine tolerates a fairly narrow climatic range. It needs a growing season long enough to complete the fruiting cycle and a period of winter cold enough to force the vine into dormancy. It needs certain amounts of warmth and daylight. It is a plant of temperate zones. These conditions are found in the two bands between latitudes 30-degres and 50-degrees north and south.

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We are committed to providing our customers a selection of wines from all the great wine producing regions in the world. We continuously look for the highest quality producers, ranging from small family wineries to world-class estates. We purchase these extraordinary wines and offer them to you, our valued customer, at unbelievably low prices. Our efforts have been rewarded by the tremendous acceptance from our customers.

“Wine is the most civilizing thing in the world!”

-Ernest Hemingway