Find Incredible Craft Beers In Southern Alabama

Beer: the great American classic beverage that’s perfect for any occasion! Whether you’re barbecuing with family or hitting the beach with friends, beer is always on the menu. Nothing says refreshment quite like a cool, crisp beer on a hot summer day or a deep, rich stout to warm you up throughout the winter. 

At Al’s Liquor, Tobacco, Wine & Cigars in Southern Alabama, we understand the need for delicious beers for any occasion. We offer Alabama’s largest selection of craft beer, from local favorites to legendary foreign beers. Find your nearest location in Southern Alabama to find the beer you’re looking for. 

Types of Craft Beer Available at Al’s Liquor, Tobacco, Wine & Cigars

Al’s Liquor, Tobacco, Wine & Cigars carries a wide variety of local and foreign brews to kickstart any occasion. Our shelves are stocked with 6-packs, cases, and individual bottles to help you satisfy any craving. In our 8 Southern Alabama locations, you’ll find: 

  • Pilsner: originating in Bohemia around the 1840s, pilsners are light and low in alcohol with a light straw to light gold color. Often smooth and crisp, pilsners are great for anyone who prefers a lighter beer and pair well with light foods. 
  • Lager: ranging in styles from light to dark, lagers can have a variety of body and flavor profiles. Most American beers fall into this category, making it ideal for a variety of occasions with or without food.
  • Porter: originating in London in the early 18th century, porters are dark, strongly-flavored beers often brewed with roasted barley. Depending on the style, the porter may be aged in bourbon barrels to add additional flavor notes to its profile. 
  • Stout: a derivative of porter, stouts are notoriously dark and strongly-flavored beers originally called stout porter. Heavier in nature, and usually paired with sweeter flavors, this style can be brewed with a variety of malts such as oatmeal, rice, or barley. 
  • Ale: brewed for centuries and ranging from amber ales (or red ales) to lightly-colored pale ales, these beers are easy to drink and great for a variety of occasions. 
  • Brown Ale: made using a variety of malt to create a slightly sweet, nutty flavor, brown ales are available in a few basic styles: U.S. brown ale, with rich flavors of nuts, caramel, toffee and occasionally chocolate and maple; English style brown ale, with hints of dried fruits and other rich flavors. 
  • Cider: often called “hard cider,” ciders are made from fermented fruits, such as apples or pears, and range from sweet to dry flavor profiles. Many ciders are light yellow or brown, very close to nearly clear beverages.
  • Belgian: these brews have a variety of flavor and body profiles, with Abbey ales offering a strong, rich flavor and aroma with fairly low bitterness and smooth finish. Lambics, on the other hand, are fermented from wild yeasts providing distinctive flavors, often accompanied by fruits such as raspberries, blackberries or peaches. 
  • India Pale Ale: originally brewed in England and exported to British troops in India during the late 1700s, IPAs are known for their hoppy flavor bitterness. IPAs are a popular choice for any occasion and for the average craft beer drinker, providing a clean, bitter flavor profile. 


Shop Craft Beer from Across the Globe at Al’s in Southern Alabama

Stop by your nearest Al’s Liquor, Tobacco, Wine & Cigars to find your favorite craft beers from around the world. We carry the largest selection of foreign and domestic brews, perfect for your next meal or social gathering. With 8 locations throughout Southern Alabama, there’s sure to be a store nearby where you can find any beer your situation calls for.